Knots To Style Your Cashmere Pashmina At All Occasions!

Ways to tie a pashmina

Do you have a dinner party by the poolside to attend? What are you planning to wear? A backless peach gown or an LBD, both are suitable for the occasion. How about adding a twist to this look? Just pile up your hair in a knot and put on a pashmina wrap – and you are set for the night!

In fair contrast to its contemporaries – the range of silk shawls and viscose wraps, the magic of cashmere rests in its origin from the Himalayan ranges. The Chyangra goats which have their home in the abode of these ranges provide the required wool, ‘pashm’ for creating these beautiful wraps.

Professional hands spin the natural fibers which these goats have on their bodies and dyed with natural colors to provide the world famous pashmina covers to people.

It is this handicraft that makes these pashminas worth the dollars that it costs!

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Cashmere Pashmina – A Woolen Tale Spun From the Himalayas!

Pashmina weaving

Pashm – the fine cashmere weave that comes from the Chyangra goats of the Himalayan domains gives rise to the cashmere pashmina wrap, a product of high international demand. A completely natural product, one obtains this from the Himalayan tops where these goats have their habitat.

Covered with the thickest of wools, their soft hairs are used to create such cashmeres which are not only elegant in terms of quality but provide the much-required warmth.

Their hair shades determine the wrap color as well. Generally, the available colors are black, peach, grey or white, but in recent times – violet, blue and pink are rapidly gaining ground.

Cashmere – The Himalayan goats and their wools

With the chronology dating back to Iranian royalty and the product coming from the ‘Capra Hircus’ goats of the Kashmir region, these goats have smooth and silky wool on their belly, which is used for making a pashmina. Continue reading “Cashmere Pashmina – A Woolen Tale Spun From the Himalayas!”

Check Out Ways To Drape A Cashmere Pashmina In An Innovative Way!


Has somebody just gifted you a pashmina wrap? Or have you been searching for one desperately at all the retail outlets? Well, when you get one for yourself – how will you wrap it? Simply leaving it over your shoulders is so old-fashioned. Even wrapping it around your evening dress or casually using it as a cover for formal office meetings, is just so boring!!

Time to try out something new!

Ever thought of knotting the pashminas? Surprised? Well, they look extremely classy when you try knotting them up or mixing two different colored cashmere at the same time – be it office or party!

Pashmina – The story of the pashm down the hills!

The tale of pashmina, much like its origin in the Iranian grounds, comes down from the Chyangra goats of the Himalayas. The hair available in their bellies and neck region is removed and spun by hand to create the much-revered pashmina shawl.

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