6 Innovative Ideas for the Ultimate Wedding Shawl Giveaways!

The popularity of donning a pashmina as wedding shawl has recently become a trend. Pashmina’s have now moved past just being another luxury scarf, there are so many innumerable ways that a pashmina can be worn today.

However, it doesn’t stop there; today these shawls have finally managed to leave fashion behind. Sometime back, one popular women’s magazine had mentioned how pashmina’s could be used for US wedding giveaways.

Well, today let’s take a look at various innovative ways to transform your wedding wrap into the perfect giveaway gift.

Original ideas for wedding shawl giveaways!

#1 A wrap for your champagne bottles

As they say, innovation is the key. Most US weddings use Champagne as a giveaway gift. But here’s a tip, want to make your present grander, replace the champagne box with a customized pashmina wedding shawl.

Not only, will it look more regal and elegant, your guests would have something to talk about.  One thing you can do is take a wooden box and place the pashmina beneath it while you carefully lay out champagne bottles making it look royal.

Opt for striking colors like Red, Maroon or cobalt blue to add statement and significance to your gift.

#2 let’s be tricky, leave them on the chairs

There is no harm in making your wedding fun, so be a little tricky and leave out the pashminas on the chairs.

What you can do with shawls is to make a riddle for each guest, based on the color, texture or theme of the wedding and leave behind clues. The guests by solving all the clues will find their respective shawls hanging on the chair.

You can also try giving out the lucky winner your own bridal shawl, but designating special clues. The lucky one gets to keep your shawl.

#3 Let the bridesmaids keep their pashminas!

Your bridesmaids are your closest girl gang. So if you have chosen to keep a cashmere pashmina themed dress code, its only right you let your girls keep their wedding wraps. Besides, it’ll add to the excitement of the girls to get an extra pair of wedding gift and make you their most favorite bride ever.

#4 Roll them up and secure with a ribbon

Another way to utilize your pashmina as a giveaway is rolling them up together in a bundle. Here’s what you can do, Take a set of three Pashmina bridal wraps and place them evenly on a board covered with velvet, then tie them with a velvet or satin ribbon.

This will make your giveaway gift look stylish and classy.

#5 How about being decorative?

Let’s say you’re about to do a bridal wrap giveaway, how about wrapping the wedding shawl with a band and attaching a beautiful flower? Here’s a tip – you can look into the language of flowers and attach a significant flower convening a beautiful message or meaning.

For example – Attach Ambrosia with your pashmina to signify your love is reciprocated, or a yellow rose to signify that you value the friendship.

#6 Now let’s just try being simple!

Are you looking for something simpler? Why not simple keep your assorted pashminas arranged neatly in a bundle and hand them out to your guests with white primroses and an appreciation card. You can even keep customized shawls catering to your guest’s choices.

Nevertheless, there are too many ways to explore with your wedding shawl. Be it giveaway gift or a must have fashion accessory don’t forget to try out new styles and ideas with your favorite cashmere pashmina. Who knows maybe you’ll unravel more creative methods to play with your shawl.