Be Your Kind of Beautiful with a Wedding Shawl for Every Bride!

Planning for the big day this winter?

The lanterns, the seating arrangement, the food – all done? If so, then it is time to search for minute details and requirements which you may need for your wedding day.

UK winter weddings are magical to look at! The snow, the frost, the candescent light of the setting sun falling on your face as you walk down the aisle…

Why not make it more special? Why not try something eternally classical like a wedding shawl working as a stand-out in the crowd?

Vow to Wow! The Wedding Fashion Code

Shawls are evergreen style statements that need no extra adjective to describe their beauty! Made from the purest and the softest of Pashm (wool of the Capra Hircus – Asian Mountain Goat’s wool), wedding pashmina poses as the ultimate look enhancing add-on.

Recently, any wedding in winter has evolved into a fashion hub where starting from the bride to the bridesmaid, everyone wants something different for that day! In fact, brides of today are deciding to upgrade their wedding look with a powerful couture accessory.

Moreover, a bridal shawl proves to be quite practical for some reasons. If you are going for the Church wedding, then such shawls work great to make your strapless dress look modest and sophisticated. In addition, they act as the perfect winter warmers hugging your bare arms from the shrewd winter wind.

Certain new entries in the domain of wedding fashion

Bridal Shawl Boleros

Adding a bit of glitter to sparkle on your special day makes it even more memorable. Though sequin styled boleros have become a rage, one can easily stylize one’s wedding look with a wedding shawl! You can wear them with stilettos and a laced vintage strapless white gown.


Wedding wraps are chic and truly trendy! The soft silken nature fits in perfectly with any wedding gown type. Recently, UK fashion showed how an ivory or ostrich feathered shrug can add the extra bit of drama to any conventional wedding attire.

If you want to feel like the vintage vixen, then a wedding wrap can act as shrug over your off-shoulder white wedding dress. Giving elegance which no one misses, wraps become true wedding ensembles.

Cape of a Shero

Brides who want coverage should consider going for the cape fashion. Shawls and wraps are not only dramatic but also a kind of power infusing fashion adjuncts. The cape style makes a verdict statement on the part of the bride making her whole personality look even more powerful.

As the shawl covers your shoulders trailing over your arms like a Queen’s attire, onlookers will applaud and gush. Moreover, if you opt for the 1950’s retro makeup of Hollywood movies, then you surely will hit some glam goals!

Jacket Look for the Modernista

Often, winter brides go for the ever known normal shawl wrap styles. However, for those who want to be unique in their own beautiful way, the shawl jacket fashion flair can be a perky one! The jacket look is neither fluffy nor overtly feminine. It is more of an upbeat look which goes with wedding skirts making one’s looks sleek and sophisticated. Recently, gothic bridal dresses demand the jacket style for the wedding shawl to be stylized accordingly.

Forever and ever….

A wedding shawl becomes more than a mere accessory. Working as a winter warmer to protect shivering brides from the chilled weather, shawls and wraps have become a wardrobe must. Making you look radiant and glowing as you walk towards your love, a minimalistic wedding gown coupled with a classic pashmina sure makes your day is worth remembering!