Check Out Ways To Drape A Cashmere Pashmina In An Innovative Way!

Has somebody just gifted you a pashmina wrap? Or have you been searching for one desperately at all the retail outlets? Well, when you get one for yourself – how will you wrap it? Simply leaving it over your shoulders is so old-fashioned. Even wrapping it around your evening dress or casually using it as a cover for formal office meetings, is just so boring!!

Time to try out something new!

Ever thought of knotting the pashminas? Surprised? Well, they look extremely classy when you try knotting them up or mixing two different colored cashmere at the same time – be it office or party!

Pashmina – The story of the pashm down the hills!

The tale of pashmina, much like its origin in the Iranian grounds, comes down from the Chyangra goats of the Himalayas. The hair available in their bellies and neck region is removed and spun by hand to create the much-revered pashmina shawl.

This is further dyed and embroidered before selling off to retail outlets for further sale.

Tie your pashminas well!

Wrapping the pashmina in a traditional way is a regular affair. So, why not try out some innovative techniques to wrap this cashmere this time? Scroll down and you will get some unique techniques!

How about jazzing up the office look?

The corporate world can help you rise the ladders of success, but at the same time, it may simply bore you with the regular fest. Why not take this chance and jazz up your look? Take two pashminas of contrasting colors and knot them up with each other. After that, simply leave them on your back and see how your formal get-up turns unique.

The twisted pashmina will give you an uber-look, and it can go very well with evening dresses (for those sudden evening parties, you know!)

Tying up the belt? Forget it! Tie a pashmina instead

If you are tired of the regular belts, then cashmere can do the trick! If you have put on a cotton dress, then you can get a cashmere pashmina and tie it up with a knot. Twist around this shawl and go in either for a singular knot or a series of them and you will make a catchy style statement.

A cashmere pashmina for every occasion

The best part of this apparel is that – you can use it for any occasion and at any time of the day. So, whether you have to attend a brunch or an evening cocktail party, a cashmere wrap is your all-season friend.

Also, from regular skirt and blouse to backless evening gowns – the cashmere is the perfect wrap that you will get. If you cannot decide on the ideal color that would suit your dress, just pick up a random color. Pink, violet, deep blue, turquoise – there is a plethora of color for you!

Pashminas don’t just add that extra glamour to your wardrobe; it is a piece of heritage from the tallest of ranges. An exclusive art from the pages of history, it is available in the brightest of colors, and multifarious textures.

Just make sure, that you get your pashmina from an authentic retail website for the best quality.

P.S. In case you are in doubt, choose out silk pashminas. These are extremely soft and maintain the warmth.