Knots To Style Your Cashmere Pashmina At All Occasions!

Do you have a dinner party by the poolside to attend? What are you planning to wear? A backless peach gown or an LBD, both are suitable for the occasion. How about adding a twist to this look? Just pile up your hair in a knot and put on a pashmina wrap – and you are set for the night!

In fair contrast to its contemporaries – the range of silk shawls and viscose wraps, the magic of cashmere rests in its origin from the Himalayan ranges. The Chyangra goats which have their home in the abode of these ranges provide the required wool, ‘pashm’ for creating these beautiful wraps.

Professional hands spin the natural fibers which these goats have on their bodies and dyed with natural colors to provide the world famous pashmina covers to people.

It is this handicraft that makes these pashminas worth the dollars that it costs!

Knotty pashminas for a stylish look!

How are you planning to wear your pashmina this season? Simply wrapping it over your arms – oh so old fashioned! Well, if that’s the case – go the knotty way! Over those gowns and casual dresses or formals, knot up your pashmina shawl and see the magic this natural fiber brings!

  1. Go classy with the classic!

This is the easiest and the most opted pashmina style. Align the terminals of your drape perpendicularly and lace them similar to shoelaces.

  1. Twist it around

If your dress has a wide neckline – then knots of pashmina is the perfect way to celebrate your dress. Go in for the twisted knot, or you can also try out the double loop hacks, or men’s necktie knot. In either case – those turquoise, deep sea blue, pink and violet pashminas will just look amazing on you!

  1. Go funky!

If bohemian is your style – an cashmere pashmina is your accessory! You have the slacks along with your formal shirt or a crop top with leggings – then the next step is developing a knotted series which almost looks similar to a chain. Now, you can either leave it at the front or on the backside, and then let the cashmere lose. Your friends are bound to be jealous!

  1. Leave it casual

If you are too tired of all those knots, just go casual! Tie up a gorgeous pashmina over that formal dress or shirt trousers and leave it with a single knot. As you move around attending people (or those official files) – the cashmere will keep you warm, and you will be the lady of the moment, in office and elsewhere!

 Pashmina shawl – The variety for you!

In current times, getting hold of real cashmere is difficult. Most of them are blended with silk or viscose, and then sold in retail markets. If you come across a pashmina that indicates 70% pashmina, understand that the rest of it is the silk and the gloss effect comes from the same!

Make sure that you consult authentic retail outlets to get hold of original 100% hand-woven cashmere to get the ideal warmth. Take a look!

Clearly, a pashmina is your cozy friend of a lifetime! Be it a winter evening or decking up your dining area or gifting the same to your dear one – cashmere will never let you down!