Looking For Something New In a Pashmina Range? Try Out The Striped Ones!

Whether you are planning to step out on a winter evening or looking to jazz up your formal office look – you cannot ignore cashmere pashmina. Coming in a plethora of colors and singular block prints – pashminas add that perfect combo of heritage and glamour to any wardrobe. As a matter of fact, these cashmere’s work well with both modern and traditional outfits, depending on the type of knot that one would wish to put.

In recent times, cashmere scarves are a rage! Every woman’s wardrobe has a pashmina scarf dangling from her rods which she can wear with almost every outfit and on every occasion. As a perfect combination of style, sophistication and versatility – these pashminas make a style statement in themselves.

Not sure which color or embroidery would suit you? Scroll down and get details of some of the statements that are making the rounds!

Striped pashmina – The latest piece in fashion domain

This newly launched range of scarves and shawls come in contrasting colors and in a certain cases singular pattern on the lower side of the shawl is the main attraction. Unlike its counterparts, the major positive of this patterned pashmina is its texture and fabric. Known to be of the highest quality, these pashminas help in managing the style quotient as well keep up the warmth.

What’s the major positive? These striped pashminas, whatever be the apparel brings a new flavor to the whole arena. They look different with every dress, and in most cases, one cannot guess whether it is a new one or the same old one!

Just a thought? How would a bright pink cashmere pashmina look with striped grey shade on it? Also, how about knotting this up on your regular office wear? Stunning, isn’t it? You can also try a turquoise blue and a peach striped one – looks equally stunning!

Striped cashmere? Really?

In comparison to other options of black colored pashminas or embroidered ones, these striped cashmere’s are true pieces of wonder. Why would you want them in your cupboard? Well, here’s all that you want to know!

  • If India is heritage, then England is royalty at its best. In the English domain, these striped pashminas have gained solid foot. As a matter of fact, with every garment, donning a pashmina adds a unique charm to the whole get-up, a fashion statement that is raging the current market. Clearly, a major reason to add on to your list!
  • Wouldn’t you love that dress which would make you look slim? Precisely, these striped pashminas fall lengthwise on your dress in such a manner that it looks as if the wearer has a comparatively slimmer figure.
  • There are a number of striped panels in these pashminas which give a contrasting shade image. In fact, mostly the combo is light and deep shade, and this color play enhances the look of the garment.

If you are truly looking for that perfect apparel which would suit every occasion and make you stand out amidst the lot, a striped pashmina wrap is the one! Already searching for it? Make sure that you consult authentic online retail websites!