Mother’s Day – Gift Ideas For Mum

Pashminas are that unique addition to gift ideas for mothers day!

That special day of the year, where we formally take time out to wish our dear mothers is here! As usual, I have once again turned into a confused daughter scouting gift ideas for mothers day! Thankfully, this year to my rescue came my dear friend suggesting me a fantastic option in pashmina! The very thought though was quite weird for me, since a cashmere pashmina was never really that gift that I would have thought of gifting my mother.

But no! Trust me! Though unique, it has every quality that an ideal luxury corporate gifts would match up to! You do have a bevy of questions, don’t you? I too had! So here, I would take out some time to answer some of your queries and ensure that this mother’s day, you have a fantastic reason to smile!

blue pashmina as a gift on Mothers Day
blue pashmina as a gift on Mothers Day

Placing some details associated with gift ideas for mothers day.

‘’Pashmina is available in varieties!’’

Does a cashmere shawl have variety? What is the difference?

You too have a similar query, don’t you? When I got to know that apart from the usual cashmere pashmina, there are cashmere wraps and an Italian pashmina collection as well, it was quite surprising to me. Hence, at that very moment, I zeroed in on silk infused pashmina as one of the gift ideas for mothers day!

The Italian pashminas are suitable specifically for decorative purposes. Pashmina for decoration? If you are planning on asking this, then ‘Yes’ is the answer. For gifting purposes, silk pashmina should be chosen, courtesy to its sheer elegance.

‘’Choosing colors according to skin tone’’

Is getting a right colored pashmina according to skin tone important?

Yes! Answering your query, pashmina should always be chosen based on the skin tone. A darker shade of pashmina such as a navy pashmina or blue pashmina would go in with a lighter skin tone and vice versa. Included in your gift ideas for mothers day; you should also keep in mind the skin tone of the concerned person. Too much of a trouble for you? Young man, every coloured pashmina suits everyone, just that additional aspect to enhance the beauty! Wouldn’t you want to see the beautiful side of your mother?

My mother has a fair skin tone, hence I gifted her, a rich blue pashmina, and she looked absolutely stunning!

‘’Styles with pashmina!’’

Can you actually style up with a pashmina?

Oh yes! Pashmina is not merely a cloth that is used for making stoles or scarfs! It is a style statement! From traditional wraps to one-shoulder drops and belt style, you can play up with it as you like. Also, to add that ‘extra’ effect, the knot style and the Hollywood style can just look amazing!

So, if you are wondering that your mother is not just stylish enough to carry a pashmina and it would be a waste of money, then let me assure you, a pashmina will prove its worth!

‘’Pashminas have multiple uses’’

Can pashmina be really used in multiple ways? How?

Yes! Pashmina can be used along with ferns to deck up the Christmas table or lounge during parties and dinners. I had seen my mother doing the same, and it was truly amazing.

So did you get gift ideas for mothers day in the form of pashminas & wraps? Well, I am sure you must be all excited! Stop waiting and extend that happiness to your mother as well! Hurry!

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