To Wear Or Not to Wear? What Garments to Pair with Beige Pashmina?

You recently uncovered the most exquisite beige pashmina from your mother’s wardrobe. But, you have no idea how to fashion it? Well, for starters, don’t worry! Bagging that beige cashmere is pretty much winning the style lottery in the fashion domain.

A pashmina is firstly versatile and can be fashioned in a myriad number of ways with most attire types. On top of that, beige is one shade which is flexible and can stand out on its own accord without being overshadowed.

So, this semester give your old wardrobe a spin and add the quintessential zeal to your outfits by pairing them with any beige pashmina. Now, amongst all colours pick darker hues if you’re a beginner. While beige can work with contrasts well, darker tones will help magnify the entire attire best, giving you a classic look!

However, before coming to the attire, it’s vital to pick shades. The correct tone and colour on the outfit will help accentuate your personality best.

beige pashmina
beige pashmina

So, this year, pick the trending shades of the season – Blue & yellow & floral!

Now, check below and learn innovative ways to fashion your old wardrobe using any beige cashmere pashmina wrap shawl wrap scarf.

Off shoulder tops!

With the fashion domain embracing new trends each year, drop, off shoulder & cold shoulder tops are a new rage. Pick any canary shaded off shoulder & pair it with any stylish bottoms and you’re done with the attire. Now, to make a fashion statement pair any beige shawl to accentuate this outlook!

In fact, here’s an example – Say planned a party night with your classmates, this month! Then go for a classic Off the Shoulder Top paired along with skinny jeans. Accessorize the outfit with a pale pashmina scarf draped in a classic knot.

However, if you wish to look stylish in campus, then opt for preppy girl look. Pair your old denim with any Caged Ruffle Cap Sleeve Top to achieve this flawless appearance.

Cocktail one piece

Whether it’s a date, a weekend brunch or a reunion party, any beige pashmina fashioned correctly can bring out your personality in the best way possible. So, check out these instances where you can pull off a cocktail outfit with your beige wrap.

  • Midday brunch: Rummage through your trousseau and pull out a canary or cobalt outfit. Now, swathe yourself in that a pashminas and wraps shawl styled in a classic bandit look. You’ll look prim proper and stylish simultaneously.
  • Reception party: If you’re getting jittery about what to wear a reception party, choose an aristocratic blend of beige & blue. Go for a navy gown like a Core High Necked Ruched Draped Dress or any Bridgette Maxi Wrap Dress for the evening ensemble. For styling these beauties, drape your cashmere into a bow to resonate an elite aura.

[Note: If you’re a fan of floral attires, you can also pick a navy gown like that Label Surplice Maxi dress, & pair it with any beige cashmere for social functions.]

Shift tops & dress!

Scarlet Johansson, Kate Winslet and many celebrities often fashioned their ethereal designer wears with a cream coloured pashmina shawl. So to look as glamorous as them on campus, you can try these 2 styles with cashmere-

  • With a white, blue Embroidered Tassel Top wear your scarf like a double-sided loop along with skinny denim. This will help you pull off the ‘happy-go-lucky’ college girl look.
  • For a college fest, pair your cashmere with any dark-hued Tigerlily Jolana Dress, to flatter and stun your classmates.

Phew, now wasn’t that fun? Why don’t you try mixing your beige wrap with these styles mentioned above and begin your new semester with a blast!